Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center was established in 1965. Dr. W. Michael Kunert and Louise Kunert have been Directors since 1989 .

The MMTTC main office and the Midwest Montessori Demonstration School are located at 926 Noyes Street in Evanston, Illinois 60201, just one block from the Noyes Street 'L' station. The Early Childhood summer program is held at our Evanston location.

The Elementary I and Elementary II summer programs are held at the North Shore Montessori Schools - Deerfield and Riverwoods locations.  The Riverwoods Montessori School is located at 3140 Riverwoods Road, in Riverwoods, Illinois 60015 and the Deerfield Montessori School is located at 760 North Avenue, in Deerfield, Illinois 60015.  To contact us please call: 847-276-0405 or 0404.


Dr. W. Michael Kunert

Dr. Kunert is the Administrative Director of Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center. He holds the Montessori Administrator Certification.

Louise Kunert

Louise Kunert is certified in Early Childhood and Elementary I. With more than 25 years of experience, she has been Director of two Montessori Schools and is presently the Director of Education for MMTTC.



Years Of Quality Teaching

MMTTC is staffed with Montessori professionals with many years of classroom experience.

MMTTC graduates are better prepared to meet the demands of today’s Montessori teaching environment.

MMTTC graduates are in high demand.


“I now live in California and work at a Montessori school here. My fellow teachers come to me to learn how to present things as basic as the continent map. It brings me back to the lectures and I find the information is in the front of my brain, for lack of a better word, whenever I need it. I am grateful to you, your teacher trainers, all the hard work you made us do and the confidence it gave me during my first years of teaching. Kudos to you and your work.”
–MMTTC Graduate

"…..I am now the Montessori coordinator in my school and I am working with other classrooms to make sure they are following the Montessori Philosophy. Thanks to all of you preparing me for this role, I see why your training center is the best in the country."
–MMTTC Graduate

"Excellent preparation in classroom – very knowledgeable in all areas – material presentations, management strategies, parent communications and knowledge of Montessori philosophy is superior – graduates demonstrate understanding of materials, both rationale and presentations."
–School Administrator

"I received the transcripts today. Because we are requesting everyone’s training transcripts, I am getting quite an education on what various training programs include, and MMTTC’s transcripts are by far the most comprehensive and thorough I have seen. It’s my good fortune to have this impressive documentation of my educational background. Thank you very much for developing them."
--School Administrator

“I want to thank you for hosting our teacher in the basic training this summer.  She came back to school and the first thing she said was “Now I get it”.  Since taking this class, her confidence level has risen…. Her relationships with the other teachers are vastly improved because now she “gets it.”  It is always so good to see how good it is for adults to learn how to work well and properly with children.”
--School Administrator

"The training that we all received still lives on and is such a central part of what we try to do.  As state and district demands pull us away from center, we always try to pull it back and keep it Montessori.  The training was a treasure and we are thankful on a daily basis!!"
--An MMTTC Graduate from a Public School

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