Deerfield Montessori School
760 North Avenue
Deerfield Illinois 60015

Early Childhood Program

Midwest Montessori Demonstration School
926 Noyes Street
Evanston, Illinois 60201

Elementary Programs

Riverwoods Montessori School
3140 Riverwoods Road
Riverwoods, Illinois 60015

Infant and toddler Curriculum

Providing the ideal start for life! Build a solid foundation for children Birth through 3 years old.

Early Childhood Curriculum

Answer the growing need for Montessori-trained teachers. Build a solid foundation for children 2 1/2 through 6 years old.

Elementary I Curriculum

The early elementary years are exciting and fun. Earn your certification to teach in the 6 through 9 year old classroom.

Elementary II Curriculum

Earn certification to guide 9 through 12 year olds as they continue their adventures in learning about the world around us.

"Such is the duty toward the child: to give a ray of light and to go on our way."

Dr Maria Montessori

Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2021!

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Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center